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Bingo Jan/Feb Every Monday

Karaoke Jan/feb every other Thursday Starting January 12th

Father/daughter dance march 4th

Father/Daughter Dance is an event for dads and father figures to spend a special evening with their daughter(s). All father figures are welcomed.

Mother/son dance March 18th

Mother/Son Dance is an event for moms and mother figures to spend a special evening with their son(s). All mother figures are welcomed.

Grandparents/grandkids dance April 1st

A grandparent's love is strong and deep, filled with memories to treasure and keep. Let's return the favor by creating a special memory at the grandparents/grandkids dance.

1950's-60's dance April 15th

Get out your 50’s & 60’s Attire & Enjoy a Nostalgic & Fun Evening, transported back to this Carefree Era of Twist, Hop, Rock, Jump, & Jive!

1970's-80's dance April 29th

Get your best 70's & 80's Attire & Enjoy a Groovy evening filled with music from the Golden Era of Boogie, Disco, Hustle, & Rock!

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